Apokalypsos – A Post Apocalyptic MMORPG

Ett mycket intressant projekt som är på G:


Team Name:
Lethal Concept, LLC
Project Name:
Apokalypsos – A Post Apocalyptic MMORPG
Brief Description:
Apokalypsos has been in pre-production since early 2008, starting initially as an Auto Assault resurrection project evolving into an original and full-fledged title inspired by games like Wasteland, Interstate 76/82, Fallout 1/2 and STALKER.
For a full FAQ & released concept art, please check the following links:
We’re using the latest Torque 3D engine which requires C++ and SQL skills.
Target aim:
Short term goal: develop a proof of concept with a fully functional online environment and basic set of features.
Long term goal: pitch project to possible publishers and investors or open project to community as freeware.
Currently the project is 100% community driven, with volunteer contributions and donated development platform.
Talent needed:
As an indie project, we’re looking for self-motivated, mature and committed individuals for the following roles:
* Lead Programmers
* C++ Programmers
* Graphic Programmer
* Network Developer
* Concept Artists
* 2D/3D Artists
* Script & Level Designers
For an extensive list with details check the following page: Recruitment Page
Team Structure:
Our core team consists of 5 permanent developers (since 2007) with many contributers from the community.
Project Website
Community Forum
For further inquiries and/or application submissions, contact us at: help@apokalypsos.com
Previous Work by Team:
None as the current team. Individual projects by developers.
Additional Info:
Check our concept art and additional graphic material here:
* Concept Art
We’re open to feedback on any level, and yes, we do realize that creating MMOs is no small task, and we’re in it for this particular challenge and for all the learning opportunities this project presents.


~ av Jonas på 2010/05/29.


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