Kortfilmen KIN

Här kommer en liten kortfilm vid namn KIN av Raf Canlas.

It’s the near future and earth’s population is at a mere thousands.
All of which are living within a single colony under the protection of S.E.D.
An organization whose sole belief is that science holds they key to man’s survival in a world plagued with harsh conditions.

With their colony enclosed by a harsh and constant sandstorm, the Devotees are only able to do field research within a permitted bio-zone.

The youngest of the Devotees, Sanwan is also the most motivated. Braving the sandstorm, he finds himself in a derelict world riddled with clues that will reveal their past, shatter their present, and leave his and his kin’s future in the hands of a hero or a villain.


The 1st chapter in a series written by Raf Canlas.

Ska sanningen fram så föll detta inte alls mig i smaken och den känns mest som ett hafsigt skolprojekt men andra kanske uppskattar den.


~ av Jonas på 2012/03/31.


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